Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I have an estate sale on site?
An on site sale offers the convenience of not having to
pack and move the items.

Why should I have Bilbo and Company conduct my
estate sale?
Cliff and Myra Bilbo are trained and knowledgeable in
antiques, furniture, silver, china, crystal and household
items. We attend many antiques shows and stay current
on fair market values. We strive to get the estate  every
dollar we can.

What is your experience in estate sales?
We have been conducting estate sales since 1992. We
have been dealing in antiques for many years and have
conducted sales from Tampa, Florida to Dallas, Texas.

How much will it cost me to get started?
Nothing! Our fee is a percentage of the total sale. We
will retain our fee from the gross amount of the sale.

When will the estate sale be conducted?
From our years of experience, we know the best time to
conduct your sale. The sales range from two days to
four days depending on the quantity and quality of the

How do you protect my property?
Small items such as jewelry are displayed in cases. We
have our staff stationed in areas with larger, more
expensive items to watch and assist our customers.

What do you do with items that don't sell?
We have a great track record of selling almost
everything. We will sell items left over to vendors or
donate them to a charity for a tax deduction. The estate
may keep the items if they prefer.

What do I do to prepare for an estate sale?
Remove or secure items not to be sold. Don't throw
away anything. It may be valuable. Tell us the date that
the sale needs to be completed. Leave the rest to us.

Do we sign a contract?
Yes! The main reason for the contract is to let you know
what to expect from us. It's easy to read and