Estate Sales
  • Estate sales are held on premises with all items individually
    tagged, priced and attractively displayed.

  • We use extensive local, Internet and email advertising.

  • Our service is confidential, professional and sensitive to the
    needs of the customer and family members.

  • Our services include complete or partial estate liquidation.
    Reasons can include moving to assisted living, nursing home or

  • We work closely with executors of estates, attorneys,
    accountants and other professionals involved in the estate.

  • Handling a loved one's estate or experiencing the necessity of
    having to liquidate your own estate can be a difficult task. Our
    goal is to make the task as smooth as possible.
Our Services Include

  • Organizing, cleaning and displaying of household

  • Identifying items to be sold and removing
    personal effects not to be sold.

  • Pricing and tagging all items to be sold.

  • Providing all tables, shelves and locked cases.

  • Arranging for all local advertising. We also
    advertise on our web page and email.

  • Obtaining all permits as necessary by city and

  • Providing adequate staff during the sale and
    arranging for security if needed.

  • Collecting and submitting all sales tax.